Scherenschnitte is German for "scissor cutting" and refers to the art of cutting paper into intricate designs. It is an art form brought to this country from Central Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries by immigrants who settled primarily in Pennsylvania.

Harriet follows the traditional method of Scherenschnitte by cutting freehand, using only scissors -- without patterns of any kind. Each design is an original piece, illustrating a lifelong love of nature, literature, and the magic of childhood. A family business, we have developed a unique style of placing the papercuttings between glass to form free-hanging suncatchers and ornaments.

Meet Harriet Carr

A lifelong artist, Harriet first started papercutting as a child -- cutting out her own paper dolls to play with and amuse her brothers and sisters.  As an adult, she met and married her creative equal, Lawson Carr, and they breathed new life into this historical art form.  Although Lawson is no longer with us, Harriet and the family carry on the tradition of Scherenschnitte.  You can meet her at numerous craft shows, where she often demonstrates the craft.